Email Professionnel

Créez votre email

Notre solution Email Professionnel vous permet d'héberger vos adresses emails en toute facilité, en vous fournissant tous les outils indispensables réussir vos communications.

Jusqu'à 30GB d'espace disque

Webmail - Calendrier - Contacts

Synchronisation Smartphone et PC

Activation automatisée


À partir de 1.50CAD HT/mois

Choisissez l'offre Email Pro qui vous convient

Commandez votre email professionnel en toute sécurité.


  • 15 GO Espace de stockage e-mail
  • Filtre des e-mails
  • 1 Alias des e-mails
  • Antivirus Inclus
  • Multi-appareils compatible


  • 30 GO Espace de stockage e-mail
  • Filtre des e-mails
  • 10 Alias des e-mails
  • Antivirus Inclus
  • Multi-appareils compatible

Obtenez votre messagerie professionnelle

→ Améliorez votre expérience de messagerie électronique en bénéficiant des comptes e-mail professionnels.

  • Installation sur n'importe quel domaine
  • Accès facile depuis toutes vos appareils
  • Accès e-mail Rapidé
  • Protection Anti-spam / Anti-virus

Toutes les Solutions de Messagerie incluent

Interface de Gestion

Interface d’administration simplifiée, personnalisée et facile d’accès

Accès en mobilité

Messagerie et outils de collaboration en mode Web accessible partout et via tous vos supports

Solution collaborative

Accédez à vos documents, contacts, tâches, et rendez-vous sur une plateforme partagée

Solution sécurisée

Vos boites emails sont protégées des Virus et des Spams


Ajoutez des adresses email supplémentaires et augmentez l'espace de stockage selon vos besoins

Haute disponibilité

Une plateforme redondée hébergée en Tunisie

Shared Web Hosting : FAQ

What are the main differences between shared hosting and a VPS?

Every site you visit consists of a domain name and web hosting. The simplest way to imagine is to consider the domain name as the address and web hosting as the physical building.

When you browse the web and enter a URL (for example, http :), your web browser queries that domain name (that is, and asks where the website is hosted. The browser then loads the content stored there.

Web hosting is actually the process of using a server to host a website, and there are all kinds of different types of hosting available on the market. Oxahost, like most hosts, offers different packages so their customers can only pay for the resources they need. The more popular the site, the more resources it needs to function efficiently.

The good news is that with Oxahost, you can scale your web hosting package as you need it, so you can start with a single hosting plan and move to the offer gradually. Pro or even VPS plan later.

How does web hosting work?

Your website is essentially a collection of files and (in most cases) the database that is served to your visitors as they browse it. OXAHOST will give you space to store your website and database.

When you register with OXAHOST, you will receive login information from the Admin panel of your hosting account.

At OXAHOST, we offer a custom hosting control panel. Using our control panel, you can perform basic hosting management, monitor resource usage, create email addresses, and install Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

Do I need technical knowledge to use OXAHOST hosting?

Not at all! OXAHOST makes it as simple as possible for users to take the basics as they go. Most day-to-day tasks, such as setting up an email address or installing a content management system (CMS), can be done in a few clicks without any technical knowledge. However, do not be fooled - while it's easy to take the basics and get started, our hosting packages are also geared to experienced developers. After all, there is no reason why something can not be both user-friendly and powerful at the same time.

If you're having trouble, there are plenty of guides online to guide you through the most common tasks you can do, and we also have a customer support team that will be happy to help you if you get stuck. . But for the majority of our customers, no help is needed - and if you just want to get started and get started, it's faster and easier than signing up for a new social network.

What are the main differences between shared hosting and a VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a bit like a cross between a shared hosting and a dedicated server. It's not quite the best of both worlds, but it's a good compromise and it can help you reduce costs. Some people compare shared accommodation to living in an apartment complex and VPS hosting to live in a condo.

With shared hosting, you share a server and the resources of that server with a bunch of other websites. With a VPS, you always share some resources because it depends on the hardware, but the software itself is configured in such a way that a machine acts as several different servers, providing a different virtual server for each user.

For webmasters, using a VPS means they get the administrative power of a dedicated hosting configuration, including the ability to customize their server to suit their needs.

How long does it take to set up an OXAHOST hosting account?

We are proud of the fact that the configuration is instantaneous. This means that our new customers can start right away without delay. Simply create your account and browse through the installation process. You will be ready to log in and start managing your new hosting account immediately.

Will I get a free domain name?

Yes! We make it easy for you by offering a free domain name for the first year of your subscription when you sign up for an annual Plus or Pro Plan. We also offer some of the lowest prices on the market so you can set up your website without spending a small fortune.

Can I update my hosting plan as my website grows?

Yes! In fact, it's usually what we recommend, and that's one of the benefits of choosing OXAHOST as your hosting provider. We make the upgrade process as easy as possible so that you can start planning and updating your budget as your website begins to take off. We are at your side at all times and we are ready to grow with you!

Many other hosting providers will try to convince you to make plans that you do not need or want. We do not agree with that. We believe you should only pay for the resources you need.

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